Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc  
Sabrena Schweyer and Samuel Salsbury at APLD Conference in Salt Lake City, 2005

Sabrena Schweyer, FAPLD
Sabrena Schweyer, FAPLD is a landscape designer, teacher and lecturer known for her knowledge of perennials, natural landscapes, English and European garden design. She has over twenty years experience in a variety of horticultural environments, including the gardens of England's National Trust. Formal studies in England awakened her to the concept of the garden as an art form. She graduated with honors from Ohio State University and Kent State University, where her studies included agriculture, horticulture, history and the arts. Ms. Schweyer has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States studying plants and garden design.

Samuel L. Salsbury, FAPLD
Samuel Salsbury, FAPLD is the President and driving force behind Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, a nationally acclaimed, Ohio based landscape design & development group. Samuel had over twenty years of experience as a builder, designer, and developer before turning his interests to the landscape in 1992. Educated in classical music and an artist in many mediums, he has a talent for working with line and space, and an engineering mind that enables him to realize his visions. The spiritual and healing aspects of the landscape have long been of interest to Samuel. His travels have taken him to many parts of the world, where the gardens of England, Italy, Japan and India, in particular, have been an inspiration.

Samuel is a certified landscape designer through the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD). He spent nine years on the APLD International Board of Directors and served as its president in 2008. Samuel is also the recipient of the Harry Schuster Award, and a Certified Permaculture Consultant.

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