Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc  


Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc believes in creating landscapes of rich experience and enduring value. Inspiration is gathered from nature and extensive travels to many of the world's finest gardens. By integrating this experience with the clients' desires and dreams for their property, truly unique and personal spaces are created in every design.

Sensitivity to the land and all its inhabitants is a prime concern in the creation of Salsbury-Schweyer's fine landscapes. Especially in today's world, the concept of "sustainability" is important; landscapes should endure – indeed improve over time – without requiring high levels of water, chemicals or pruning. The use of native plants, "natural" water features and other elements helps to establish ecosystems and maintain the balance of nature. Challenging sites are not viewed as problems, but as opportunities for greater creativity and enhancement. The objective of a garden is to enrich the lives of all those who enter.

"Gardens are the link between men and the world in which they live, for men in every age have felt the need to reconcile themselves with their surroundings, and have created gardens to satisfy their ideals and aspirations. ...they represent not only a peaceful refuge in a noisy world but the only opportunity for creative expression and close contact with nature. Yet few gardens today give that complete sense of peace which above all we are seeking."

Sylvia Crow
Garden Design, 1958

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