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AKRON, OHIO (August 3, 2011)


Samuel L. Salsbury accepts honor at international conference in Cleveland

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) recently named Akron landscape designer, Samuel L. Salsbury, as a Fellow at its annual International Landscape Design Conference in Cleveland. The Fellow membership was presented to Salsbury for demonstrating a mastery of design exemplified by the creation of significant projects that have advanced the art, stewardship and social responsibility of landscape design; and for demonstrating a significant commitment of time and energy to the advancement of the APLD and the profession.

“Fellowship is the highest honor that the APLD bestows on its members,” said Stacy Henninger, Communications Director for the APLD. “Elevation to Fellow status recognizes the achievements of an individual designer. It also elevates an exceptional landscape designer that has made significant contributions to the profession and the Association.”

Samuel L. Salsbury, FAPLD is co-owner of Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, a nationally-recognized, award-winning landscape design and development group located in downtown Akron. With over 35 years of building and development experience, Salsbury has a talent for working with line, space and water, as well as an engineering mind that enables him to bring a vision to life. His partner Sabrena Schweyer is an authority on perennials and hardy plants with a broad background in horticulture and ecology. Together, they design spectacular “earth-minded” landscapes for residential, corporate, and non-profit clients.

 “I am deeply honored to be recognized for my work in sustainable landscape design and contributions to the APLD,” said Samuel L. Salsbury, FAPLD. “Stewardship of the earth is part of my personal and professional mission. I am thrilled to be able to use my talents and skills to design landscapes that are sustainable, beautiful, practical, and responsible.”

Salsbury has participated in several designs for non-profit groups in the community, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through examples that the public can experience first-hand. He has received numerous design awards, including highest honors from APLD and the Perennial Plant Association (PPA). His work has been featured in books and magazines, including Fine Gardening, Organic Gardening, and recent GWA book of the year, Home Outside.  In 2010, he received the Harry Schuster Service Award for his time and service to the profession of landscape design.  Salsbury served on the APLD International Board of Directors from 2000 to 2009, first as Program Chair, later as President.

“APLD is a much stronger organization due to [Salsbury’s] guidance and his belief of making APLD rise to the highest level possible to meet the needs of its members, both now and in the future,” said Hemminger.

Salsbury is also an accomplished speaker on sustainability, lecturing extensively at international conferences of professionals (such as APLD, PPA, and the International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo), as well as to developers, cities, homeowners, and organizations. In 2005, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc was recognized as one of ten outstanding Northeast Ohio small businesses by the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE).

“Samuel is a visionary and his integrity is refreshing,” said Denise Calabrese, Owner of Calabrese Management and one of Salsbury’s clients. “His ability to communicate directly with volunteers and staff is exceptional. It was a wonderful experience working with Samuel and I would strongly recommend him for any leadership position.”

About Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc

An Akron, Ohio-based landscape design and development group, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc. has earned national and international acclaim for their gardens, water features and environmentally sensitive landscapes.  Their mission is to create beautiful outdoor experiences that touch the souls of all those who enter, deeply connecting each individual to the intricacy and wonder of nature. For more information on Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, call 330-375-9600 or visit www.salsbury-schweyer.com or www.facebook.com/SalsburySchweyer.


AKRON, OHIO (July 30, 2011)

BREAKING NEW GROUND: local expert in sustainable garden design selected for Ground Crew

A nationally recognized landscape designer from Akron has been selected to participate on a panel of experts called the "Ground Crew." Sabrena Schweyer, APLD, co-owner of the Akron-based firm Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, has joined six garden authorities to answer questions in a weekly Cleveland Plain Dealer column. "Ask the Ground Crew" explores community questions about garden and landscape plants, care, pests, and best practices for creating and maintaining outstanding outdoor spaces in the Northeast Ohio region. Sabrena Schweyer, the Ground Crew's only professional landscape designer, is a recognized expert in sustainable residential landscape design.

"I'm thrilled to be part of the Ground Crew," said Sabrena Schweyer, APLD. "It's a great opportunity to share my knowledge and connect with the community about real issues people face in their personal, outdoor spaces."

Schweyer has been a passionate gardener since childhood. Her talent designing English, European and natural style gardens is complimented by extensive background in horticulture, which she has studied for nearly 30 years. Schweyer is an authority on perennials and hardy plants. She is a certified landscape designer, permaculture consultant, and frequent speaker on issues related to sustainability. She also has considerable international experience in garden design, including studies at the University of Oxford and work with England's National Trust. Schweyer was raised in Jeromesville, Ohio, attended The Ohio State University's Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) in Wooster, and graduated from Kent State University.

Schweyer's Ground Crew columns appear regularly in the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Inside Out section and on Cleveland.com. Her advice for Northeast Ohio gardeners: "Imitate nature's systemAdd compost to create good soil, plant for diversity, and remember that water and insects are valuable parts of the ecosystem. So don’t take them for granted."

Other members of the Ground Crew include Rob McCartney of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Roger Gettig from Holden Arboretum, Ann McCulloh from the Cleveland Botanical Garden, Paul Pfeifer from Kent State University, Pam Donzelli from Gale's Westlake Garden Center, and Alan Hirt from Hirt's Gardens.

"By participating on the Ground Crew," said Schweyer. "I hope to inspire more local people to create personal gardens and use nature's systems to make their spaces more enjoyable and more sustainable."

Sabrena Schweyer's previous Ground Crew columns can be found online here and here.

You can follow Sabrena Schweyer's work and get more great garden tips at www.facebook.com/salsburyschweyer. For more information about Sabrena or Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, call 330-375-9600 or visit www.salsbury-schweyer.com.

About Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is an Ohio-based landscape design and development group that understands the complexities of using nature’s systems to design aesthetically pleasing gardens that address environmental issues and add value. Our mission is to create beautiful outdoor experiences that touch all who enter and connect people to nature. We are a nationally recognized as a leader in creating spiritual and holistic sanctuaries. Our work has received several international design awards and has been featured in dozens of articles, books and magazines, including Fine Gardening, Organic Gardening, The American Gardener and The American Horticulturalist.



Akron-based designer, Samuel L. Salsbury, APLD, received two significant honors at the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) 2010 International Landscape Design Conference in Dallas, Texas last week. Salsbury accepted both the noteworthy Harry Schuster Service Award and a landscape design award.

The APLD Landscape Design Award was bestowed on Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc for a residential landscape in North Canton, Ohio. Art, spirituality and sustainable principles were combined -as well as stone, water and plants - to transform an unusual-shaped backyard into a tranquil sanctuary.
Samuel Salsbury, APLD, is the President of Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, a nationally acclaimed landscape design & development group known for beautiful, innovative and sustainable landscapes. Salsbury has worked tirelessly on behalf of APLD and the landscape design profession for many years. For nine years, Salsbury served with distinction on the APLD Board of Directors. He was very involved with the rising professional stature of APLD and its international emphasis. In his first six years, he served as chair of the APLD Conferences. Some of the annual conferences during his service were APLD’s best, and he set the bar for those to follow. Following his service as program chair, Salsbury moved to the position of President-Elect, President and finally Immediate Past President. He contributed his strong leadership and wealth of ideas greatly over that period and APLD is a much stronger organization due to his guidance. During Salsbury's Presidency, he transformed the Fellow program, initiated the APLD Chapter Symposium program and made “sustainability” a priority of the organization.

Salsbury is an APLD certified landscape designer, a certified Permaculture consultant and an avid practitioner of sustainable landscape design. Before turning his interests to the landscape in 1992, he had over twenty years of experience as a builder, designer, and developer. The landscapes of Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc reflect the balance instilled by his engineering mind and his background in classical music and art. The spiritual and healing aspects of gardens, globally and locally, have long held Salsbury’s interest. He is nationally known for his work with water and his sensitive creativity with space.

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers is an international organization representing over 1,200 members in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and other countries. Its goal is to advance landscape design as an independent profession and to promote the recognition of landscape designers as highly qualified, dedicated professionals. APLD was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Harrisburg, Pa. Additional information about the association can be found at www.apld.org or by calling 717-238-9780.


AKRON, OHIO (July 16, 2010)


Samuel Salsbury and Sabrena Schweyer, co-owners of Salsbury-Schweyer Inc., have joined a team of design professionals to work with Habitat for Humanity in building a LEED certified home in the North Canton area. Salsbury and Schweyer will be serving as the project’s landscape design specialists in order to ensure the house’s surrounding green space is both beautiful and environmentally sustainable.

The project represents Habitat for Humanity of Greater Stark and Carroll Counties’ first foray into the practice of green building. Habitat, which is a non-profit organization building houses for low-income families, has assembled a volunteer team of professionals including architects, engineers, and interior and landscape designers to devise strategies to achieve a LEED certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a performance metric providing standards for environmentally sustainable construction. The LEED certification process not only ensures that the building will be environmentally friendly, but also benefits the owner of the home by lowering maintenance, energy, and lifecycle costs. The project, which hopes to achieve a certification of gold or higher, would then serve as a model for future homes built by Habitat.

This residential landscape is designed to capture and use rain water, cool the environment, provide wildlife habitat, and generally lessen the environmental impact of the home. Moving away from a typical lawn alone will significantly lessen maintenance, chemical and water use on the site). Schweyer believes the project, which is scheduled to be completed in early fall 2010, will serve as an example to the community that earth-friendly landscapes can be not only useful, but attractive additions to the home and neighborhood.

Salsbury and Schweyer bring over 40 years combined experience in the fields of home construction and landscape design and are nationally known for their designs and lectures on sustainability. In addition to being certified by Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), Salsbury and Schweyer have been instrumental in APLD’s commitment to sustainable landscape design, Salsbury as the organization’s President and Schweyer as chair of the APLD subcommittee working with the Sustainable Sites Initiative. The Sustainable Sites Initiative, similar to the LEED for homes, measures landscape sustainability and will eventually be incorporated into LEED.

AKRON, OHIO (July 16, 2010)


Salsbury Schweyer, Inc, a local landscape design and development firm, was recently chosen by the Perennial Plant Association to receive a Landscape Design Honor Award at their annual symposium in Portland, Oregon on July 20th. Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is co-owned by Samuel L. Salsbury, APLD and Sabrena Schweyer, APLD who collaborate as lead-designers.

We are thrilled to receive this honor from our peers”, said Schweyer. &#x20With this landscape, as with all our designs, we aim to create a beautiful, transformational space for the family to enjoy - while resolving the challenges that the site presents”. In this case, the challenges included drainage issues, lack of privacy, and a disconnection between house and landscape.

The Perennial Plant Association is an international professional association dedicated to the perennial industry. Every year they host the Perennial Plant Symposium as an avenue for education, networking, professional development, and as a place to honor the best in the industry. The Symposium is the only week-long event dedicated solely to the perennial industry. It regularly draws over 700 professionals from across the world. A judging panel of horticulture, design, and perennial professionals identify designs worthy of Merit or Honor Award status.

more images

This award winning landscape by Salsbury and Schweyer was created as a sanctuary for a family in North Canton. Judges commended the design for its cohesive, well-thought out layout that works to negotiate difficult grade changes to fit the site naturally. The “soft, beautiful choice of hardscape” works well with the “beautiful varieties of colors and textures” within the plantings. Combining garden architecture with lush plantings is a cornerstone of Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc’s success; this is just one of many international awards they have received over the past 15 years.

If I could spend time in only one place”, declared Pam Grady, the garden’s owner, “it would be my backyard…We enjoy our garden immensely and are so glad that we chose Salsbury-Schweyer. The beauty continues with each passing year.”

AKRON, OHIO (February 2, 2009)


Dozens of images from the landscapes of local design firm, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, are included in an upcoming book, Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love, by distinguished garden writer, Julie Moir Messervy. Co-author of consistent bestseller Outside the Not So Big House with Sarah Susanka, Messervy has won many awards for her work, including a Garden Writers Association of America Gold Medal for The Inward Garden. In Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love, which was recently released on January 27th, Messervy incorporates seven Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc projects in Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Akron, Canton and surrounding suburbs.

A Richfield property designed and installed by Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc for the Mannarino family is portrayed in before and after photos. Messervy describes the perennial planting beds, bluestone patio, contemporary pond, and cast iron fireplace as a "vibrant outdoor living room." She illustrates: "The designers also gave some focus to the backyard by building " a small cascade that tumbles into a pond full of fish and water plants." As she describes, "The addition of patio, pond, flower beds, and social seating area transform the once empty lawn into a three-dimensional landscape, extending the owner's living area to the outside."

In addition to many of their clients' gardens, the personal residence of Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc's owners is featured in two full pages. Dramatic before and after photos of Samuel L. Salsbury's and Sabrena Schweyer's small West Akron lot demonstrate a true transformation. Messervy writes, "At the back corner of the property, by that once derelict garage, you can look back through the layers upon layers of beautiful plantings and feel that you've found a tiny patch of paradise." An inspiring transition, the installation demonstrates that beauty and refuge can be created for a small urban property.

Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love illustrates seven poignant concepts of design from the perspective of a designer. Whether a homeowner is looking to create a space for entertainment or for sanctuary, it serves as a great resource for indulging the creative side and cultivating ideas about the home garden and landscape "from the ground up."

For more information about the book, visit Julie Moir Messervy's website.

AKRON, OHIO (January 20, 2009)


Similar to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification for the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings, a new system "The Sustainable Sites Initiative" is being developed to measure landscape sustainability! This initiative will transform how landscapes are built in the future and shift many paradigms in our industry" asserts Sabrena Schweyer of Akron landscape design firm, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc. Schweyer is chairperson of the Sustainable Sites Initiative subcommittee of The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), a participating organization in the development of these new green standards for landscape design and development.

Photo by Fine Gardening's Virginia Small

The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SSI) strives to develop voluntary national guidelines and performance benchmarks for land design, construction and maintenance. With a motivation to protect and enhance the ability of landscapes to provide environmental services such as climate regulation, clean air and water, and improved quality of life, SSI Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks will be used to construct a rating system with specific site performance goals. Led by the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the United States Botanic Garden as well as others such as APLD, the resulting Sustainable Sites' will not only supplement existing green building and landscape guidelines but will also become a stand-alone tool for site sustainability.

The Sustainable Sites Initiative Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks - Draft 2008 were put out for public comment in November for a period of 45 working days. Since then, Sabrena Schweyer and APLD subcommittee members have been studying the document and making recommendations. Submitted on January 20th, these formed the core of APLD's suggestions and revisions of the guidelines. Sustainable Sites Initiative will now look at the public comments and work to make the system "user friendly" and practical. The "Ratings System" will be created from May 2009 to 2011, after which a "Trial Version" of the system can be implemented. Schweyer eagerly anticipates representing APLD in the next steps of the project and to applying it to Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc landscapes once it comes out in trial version.

For more information on APLD, visit their website.

For more information about Sustainable Sites Initiative, visit their website.

AKRON, OHIO (April 18, 2008)


Local design firm, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is featured in the May 2008 issue of Organic Gardening magazine, the leading national publication for organic landscapes and vegetables gardening since 1942. In the article entitled, "Steal From a Pro", certified designers Samuel L. Salsbury, APLD and Sabrena Schweyer, APLD, solve the problem of "Privacy without Walls" in a tiny urban space.
before after

Illustrated with dramatic before and after images, Salsbury and Schweyer share some of the innovative design ideas used in their transformation of an ugly Cleveland backyard into a private sanctuary of color and fragrance. Strong repetitive elements and structural plantings provide artistry and all season interest. Their use of organic methods and native plants make the firm's passion for sustainability apparent. An elegant trellis and pergola, however, are what provide the beautiful alternative to expensive privacy walls and give support to the lush plantings.

For more information visit The Organic Gardening magazine website.

AKRON, OHIO (January 21, 2008)


Samuel L. Salsbury, APLD, President and Co-Owner of Akron, Ohio-based Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc., takes office this month as President of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), the leading organization for landscape design in the United States and abroad. Salsbury's nomination comes after seven years as a key member of the organization's Board of Directors.

"Samuel has been an active and integral part of APLD's leadership for the past seven years," said Denise Calabrese, Executive Director of the association. "He was charged with serving as chairman of the APLD conference in 2002 and subsequently increased the quality of speakers and content of the conference to the point that it is now a world-renowned event in the landscape design profession." One prestigious conference Salsbury chaired, held at Kew Gardens in England, was APLD's first internationally, and boasted both record attendance and record profitability.

"Samuel's leadership skills were recognized by the Nominating Committee," Calabrese continues. "We are looking forward to Samuel's leadership as he works with the volunteers and staff to improve the quality of services provided to landscape designers through APLD." It is widely acknowledged that there is a potential for even greater success with Salsbury's presidency. "What I admire about Samuel is his ability to comprehend day-to-day details and yet have the vision to see the big picture," said author, lecturer, and APLD member Stephanie Cohen. "I think he will do his utmost to keep APLD on the forefront of design as their new President."

Salsbury and his partner, Sabrena Schweyer, have won many awards for their unique, environmentally sustainable, and highly personalized landscape designs, and both hold prestigious landscape design certification by APLD. Salsbury's nomination comes at a time of increasing national recognition for his company, with Schweyer recently being featured in Irrigation and Green Industry's "Women in Landscaping," a series profiling outstanding women in the landscape industry. The article can now also be accessed on the Irrigation and
The article describes how a lifelong passion for the environment and an educational background in history and science led to Schweyer's pursuit of landscape design as an art form that nourishes the soul while deepening one's connection to the natural world. Schweyer speaks of this connection as one that should give sustenance to the earth as well as the individual, saying that "a landscape can be beautiful, highly designed, personal, and sustainable."

Schweyer's appearance in the prestigious trade journal points to the continued growth of a national reputation that Salsbury-Schweyer already enjoys. The design group has historically done much of its work in Northern Ohio but is increasingly receiving more work outside of the region, as news spreads of the achievements of Schweyer and her partner, Samuel L. Salsbury, APLD, beyond their home state. This is a trend that is only expected to increase as demand grows for more environmentally sustainable alternatives to conventional services such as landscaping.

AKRON, OH (August 2006)


A Northeast Ohio landscape created by Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is featured in the August issue of The American Gardener, the magazine of the American Horticultural Society. The article, entitled "Making the Most of a Small Space," describes five gardens, all designed and developed in "postage-stamp-size" residential yards. As the "before & after" photographs depict, a challenging space in the tiny University Heights backyard of MarnyJean Careaga was completely transformed by the design team of Salsbury-Schweyer Inc. Company principals, Samuel L. Salsbury, APLD, and Sabrena Schweyer, APLD, created a romantic, English-style cottage garden full of fragrant blooms from spring through fall.

In this small space (roughly 22' x 55') a delightful garden experience is not only possible, but certain. Grassy paths meander between lush flower borders to a sitting area nestled among blooming shrubs. Privacy is provided by romantic/rustic trellising, covered in vines, which serve as a backdrop to the colorful perennials. Finally, a rose-laden pergola and bench are expertly placed along the back of the property to disguise a barn-style shed. The finished garden provides the Careaga family with a beautiful and intimate setting in which to relax or to entertain small gatherings of friends.

An Akron-based landscape design and development group, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is nationally recognized for their gardens, water features and environmentally sensitive landscapes. Their work has been featured in books and magazines, including a recent issue of Fine Gardening. The company has numerous awards to their credit, including highest design honors from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and the Perennial Plant Association.

As with many of the Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc projects, the Careaga garden follows the English tradition, incorporating a broad palette of plants with natural materials such as stone and wood. Much of their inspiration is gathered from nature and from their extensive travels to many of the world's finest gardens. Each garden created is unique and personal: designed closely with the client to create an artistic experience meaningful to them, full of life and continual change.

Although their work is primarily with homeowners in northern Ohio, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc also works outside Ohio, and with businesses or institutions who seek an alternative approach to their landscape. Additional information about the company may be found at www.salsbury-schweyer.com or by calling (330) 375-9600.

Established in 1922, the American Horticultural Society is one of the oldest national gardening organizations in the country, providing America's gardeners with the highest quality gardening and horticultural education possible. The American Gardener is not sold in newsstands. It can be ordered online at www.ahs.org by clicking on The American Gardener link, or by contacting The American Horticultural Society at 1-800-777-7931.


AKRON, OHIO (July 2006)

Sabrena Schweyer, Vice President and Co-Owner of Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, is featured this month on one of the nation's premier websites for landscape design, www.apld.org. This website, home of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), allows consumers to discover what it means to hire a certified designer and view some of their award winning projects.

Schweyer, one of only a few hundred Certified Landscape Designers, was chosen by the Association and invited to showcase an example of her work. The project she selected is an enclosed garden behind a North Canton residence. One feature of the garden is a stone circle, built especially for the imaginative play of the client's grandchildren, but a work of art in its own right. Schweyer describes the project from its inception through the design process, and includes "before & after" photographs of the garden sanctuary created for the clients.

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is an award winning landscape design and development group offering an unusual approach to the land. Based in Akron, Ohio, they are nationally recognized for their gardens, water features and environmentally sensitive landscapes. Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc's work has been featured in numerous books and magazines, including recent issues of Fine Gardening and The American Gardener. Among their many awards are highest design honors from APLD and the Perennial Plant Association.

By incorporating a broad palette of plants with natural materials such as stone, water and wood, Schweyer and her partner, Samuel L. Salsbury, APLD, aim to create landscapes that are rich in experience and enduring value. Inspiration is gathered from nature and from their extensive travels to many of the world"' finest gardens. Each garden is personal: designed closely with the client to create an artistic experience meaningful to them, full of life and continual change.

Although their work is primarily with homeowners in northern Ohio, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc also works outside Ohio, and with businesses or institutions who seek an alternative approach to their landscape. Additional information about the company may be found at www.salsbury-schweyer.com or by calling (330) 375-9600.

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers is the leading organization for landscape design in the United States and abroad, and is comprised of more than 1,200 foremost designers. In addition to featuring a Designer of the Month, the APLD website allows visitors to search by region for professional landscape designers, or speakers for garden clubs, rotary or other organizations.

AKRON, OHIO (February 2006)


Local fans of Fine Gardening magazine may see a familiar property when reading their latest issue: the Highland Square residence of Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc owners, Samuel Salsbury and Sabrena Schweyer.

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is a nationally acclaimed landscape design and development group specializing in personal gardens, water-features and ecological/sustainable landscapes. Sabrena Schweyer (APLD) is a featured writer in the recently released, Jan/Feb issue of Fine Gardening magazine. The article, "Matching the Colors of Your House and Garden" is Schweyer's first to be published nationally. Through illustrations, photographs and design tips, she explains to readers how they might select colors in their landscape to unify and enhance the overall look of their property.

Over the past several years, editors from Fine Gardening have visited Ohio to see the award-winning gardens created by Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc. They encouraged Schweyer to write about her projects, and were especially enthusiastic for an article describing how she selected the colors of her own house and garden to create an integrated effect.

The article, however, goes beyond the story of one house and garden. Schweyer shares with readers the artistic process, allowing them to adapt these ideas to their own properties. She offers several potential planting schemes for each of six popular house colors. A list of design tips detail some of the methods used by Schweyer in selecting color schemes for clients" gardens. Palettes may be sophisticated, natural, or dramatic, depending upon personal style. Photographs of her Akron residence illustrate the article and provide excellent examples of a well-coordinated color palette. Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc and Fine Gardening are both excited about future collaborations.

Read an online version of the article in Fine Gardening magazine

AKRON, OH (May 2005)


The Akron-based landscape design firm, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc has been named to the inaugural COSE Ten Under 10 by the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), the small business arm of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. The COSE Ten Under 10 is a new awards program that recognizes ten outstanding Northeast Ohio small businesses with 10 or fewer employees.

"This acknowledgement from COSE and the northeast Ohio community means a great deal to us," said President Samuel Salsbury during the awards ceremony Tuesday, May 10, 2005. "Although we have received numerous awards for our landscapes and gardens, this is the first award recognizing us for excellence in business."

Innovative promotion efforts, environmentally sound practices, and community involvement helped Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc win this award. The company is active in educational efforts, writing and lecturing for various audiences, and producing a free, informative e-journal to e-mail subscribers. They spearheaded the formation of The Garden Society of Northeast Ohio to serve as a hub for communication and collaboration between existing horticultural organizations. In 2000, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc donated their garden design and installation talents to help create and maintain the Highland Square Community Garden in Akron.

With passion for beauty, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc specializes in creating garden landscapes which serve as "sanctuaries" for clients. The company"s award-winning work is respected by peers nationally and throughout the world. Principals Samuel Salsbury and Sabrena Schweyer are committed to integrating art, science and spirit to create ecologically sensitive garden experiences.

"We feel gardens are an opportunity for anyone to forge a relationship with nature and beauty. We strive to make our landscapes meaningful and personal -- something in which people can immerse themselves and be drawn into the overall experience of the garden," said Vice President Sabrena Schweyer. "By creating that 'Experience,' we foster the relationship between owner and nature and keep our work fresh and unique."

Salsbury-Schweyer is based in Akron, but works with clients - primarily residential - throughout Northeast Ohio. More information on Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc can be found on their website: www.salsbury-schweyer.com or by contacting them at (330) 375-9600.

Three companies - Dollar Bank, Crosby O'Brien and CareWorks - sponsored this year's COSE Ten Under 10. Winners were chosen by a committee made up of volunteer COSE members.

Samuel and Sabrena receiving APLD"s First Place Design award at Kew Gardens, England

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) recognized Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc"s design talents during the organization's 2004 annual conference, July 10-21, 2004, at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew in Richmond, England.

Sabrena and Samuel received a first place award in APLD's 2004 design contest, winning the category for non-residential projects under $40,000. The awards program audience included numerous notable industry names such as Gilles Clément, John Brookes and Robin Templar Williams.

As APLD national program chair, Samuel organized the conference and post-conference tour in cooperation with England"s Society of Garden Designers (SGD). The conference offered many opportunities for continued professional growth, including presentations by world-renown landscape designers Gilles Clément, Anthony Paul, Julie Toll, and Dan Pearson. The conference also included tours of several fine European gardens including The Royal Botanical Garden at Kew, the Black and White Cottage, Chaumont, and Monet"s garden in Giverny.

Founded in 1989, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers is an international organization representing over 1,000 members in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and other countries. Its goal is to advance the profession of landscape design and to promote the recognition of landscape designers as highly qualified, dedicated professionals. For information, visit

See Additional Awards received by Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc

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