Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc


2019 Akron Life Magazine
August 2019, pages 34-35
“Natural Connection”, by Sharon Best

2018 Luxury Magazine
Summer 2018, pages 199-210 SSI featured on page 209
“Where the Garden Grows” by Jorge S. Arango

2017 Permaculture Design
November/Winter 2017, pages 3-6
“Using Pattern and Energy to Design the Front Doorstep” by Sabrena  Schweyer

2016 Midwest Living
May/June 2016, pages 18-20, “Healing nature” by LuAnn Brandsen

2014 Syndicated Column in The Florida Time-Union, The Charlotte Observer, & The Sheridan Press
November 2014, “The Heat Is On: Fire Features Warm up the Garden” by Marty Ross

2014 Beacon Journal
September 13, 2014, Pages D1 & D2
“Local sustainability efforts recognized” by Cheryl Powell

2013 Around Kent Magazine
October 2013,
“Impetuous - An open conversation with Sabrena Schweyer” by Cheryl Townsend

2013 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
October 17, 2013,
“When Leaves Fall, Here are Time Saving Tips for Cleaning them Up” by Julie Washington

2013 Beacon Journal
September 6, 2013, Pages H1 & H7
“Got Hay Fever?  Don’t Blame Goldenrod” by Mary Beth Breckenridge

2013 The Designer, APLD Magazine
Summer 2013, Pages 32-34
“Sustainable Urban Landscape Retrofit” by Sabrena Schweyer

2013 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
August 26, 2013, The Ground Crew
“Reduce Lawn Size and Expectations for Perfection” by Sabrena Schweyer

2013 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
July 18, 2013, Pages E-2
“Mix sizes and colors in field of Sunflowers” by Sabrena Schweyer

2013 Turf Magazine
June, 2013,
“Chase Away the Rainwater Runoff Blues” by Tom Crain

2013 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
April 11, 2013
“Tired of lawn care? Reduce grass to enjoy the yard more” by Roxanne Washington

2013 Heartland Gardening
February 5, 2013
“Trendspotting: Lawn Alternatives” by Michael Leach

2013 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
February 4, 2013, The Ground Crew
“Put less into your lawn and it’ll ask less of you” by Sabrena Schweyer

2012 CBC Magazine
July  2012, Pg. 14
“In the Green- Entrepreneur Finds Healing Within Garden Spaces” by Pamela J. Willits

2012 The Wall Street Journal
April 25, 2012, Pg. D1
“Who Put Lettuce In My Daffodils?” by Anne Marie Chalker

2012 Akron Beacon Journal
February 4, 2012, Pg. E1
“Edible Landscape: A Feast For The Senses” by Mary Beth Breckenridge

2012 The American Gardener 
January/February, 2012, Pg. 12“AHS Members Making A Difference: Samuel Salsbury and Sabrena Schweyer” by Helen Thompson

2010 The Designer
Fall 2010, Pg. 18
“Residential Merit Award, Family Sanctuary – North Canton, Ohio”

2010 Akron Beacon Journal
July 31, 2010, Pg. E1
“Habitat for Humanity building efficient house in Canton” by Mary Beth Breckenridge

2010 Canton Repository
July 22, 2010, Pg. B1
“A Garden Sanctuary”

2010 SPLASH! Magazine
June 2010, Pg. 40-47
“Going native, American style”

2010 Currents
June 17, 2010, Cover feature, Pg. C6
“Award-winning Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc specializes in design” by Lisa Fredrickson

2010 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
June 09, 2010
“Frilly, flowerless ferns bring calm to a shady green garden” by Julie Washington

2010 Akron Beacon Journal
May 22, 2010, Pg. E1
“No Garden Paradise? Get Tough” by Mary Beth Breckenridge

2009 Water Garden News
October/November 2009, Pg. 1, 16
“Personal Ponds Promote Business” by Lisa Armony

2009 Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love by Julie Moir Messervy
Features dozens of images of Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc landscapes, with two gardens, including the Salsbury-Schweyer residence, profiled.

2008 Organic Gardening
May 2008, Pg. 22
“Steal From A Pro: Experts: Sabrena Schweyer and Samuel Salsbury, Cleveland. Idea: Privacy without walls” Edited by Therese Ciesinski

2008 Akron Jewish News
May 2008, Pg. 43
“Salsbury-Schweyer…Creating Sanctuary and Spiritual Spaces” by Cathi Conti Sinsabaugh

2008 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
May 15, 2008, Pg. F12
“Local yard’s makeover makes magazine” by Roxanne Washington

2008 Properties
February 2008, Pg. 70-71
“Industry Profile: Sabrena Schweyer; Salsbury-Schweyer co-founder combines varied passions in creating unique designs” Reprinted with permission from Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine

2008 West Side Leader
January 24, 2008, Pg. 18
Samuel Salsbury appointed president of the Association of Professional Landscape Design

2008 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
January 17, 2008, Pg. F8
“Plan Your Garden Palette Before You Plant” by Roxanne Washington

2007 Irrigation & Green Industry
November 2007, Pg. 72
“Women in Landscaping…Sabrena Schweyer” by Amanda Richter

2007 Cleveland Magazine
October 2007
Special Promotion Section, My Ohio Landscape, Ohio Landscape Association
“Mother Your Earth” by Christopher Johnston

2007 Akron Beacon Journal
June 16, 2007, Pgs. E1 & E2
“Garden Grows into a Retreat” by Mary Beth Breckenridge

2007 Easy Care Landscaping
Spring 2007 (#100), Pgs. 35 - 45
“3 Total Yard Redos” by Ron Renzulli

2007 Crain’s Cleveland Business
April 23-29, 2007, Pg. 17
“Lush Landscape” by Chrissy Kadleck

2007 Housetrends
April 2007, Pgs. 62 - 68 & 82
“Orange Village Dream” by Heather Gaynor

2007 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
March 15, 2007, Pgs. F1 & F13
“So Serene in Green” by Roxanne Washington

March 2007
“Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Hardscape” by Rose Kennedy

2006 The American Gardener
The American Horticultural Society magazine
July/August 2006, Pgs. 26 - 31
Making the Most of a Small Space” by Virginia Small

2006 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
March 30, 2006, Pg. E10
“Getting Ready for a Summer on the Deck”

2006 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
March 23, 2006, Section E1
“Expert Sees Prairies as Gardening Future”

2006 Northeast Ohio Luxury Living
March/April 2006, Pgs. 37 – 43
“Backyard Sanctuaries: The Latest Trend in Landscaping”

2006 Akron Beacon Journal
February 4, 2006, Pgs. E1, E3
“Natural Landscapes for Your Back Yard”

2006 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
February 4, 2006
Cover Story, Real Estate
“Landscaping Can Be Healthy and Beautiful”

2006 Fine Gardening
January/February 2006, Pgs. 51 - 55
“A Color Scheme for House & Garden” by Sabrena Schweyer

2005 Akron Beacon Journal
December 17, 2005, Pg. E2
“Akron Designer in Fine Gardening”

2005 Balanced Living
May-June 2005
“The Garden: A Place of Transformation” by Sabrena Schweyer & Samuel Salsbury

2005 Garden Photography by Ian Adams

2004 Taunton Home Backyard Idea Book by Lee Anne White

2004 West Akron Sun

August 12, 2004
“Garden is symbol of pride”

2004 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
July 22, 2004, Pg. E1
“Not Your Garden - Variety Designers”

2004 Welcome Home Magazine
Spring 2004, Pgs. 12-15
“On the Cover…” Featured Cover Article

2004 Akron Beacon Journal
May 22, 2004
“In new ethic, chemicals not natural part of garden”

2004 Properties Magazine, Inc.
February 2004, Pgs. 75-76
“Highland Square Community Garden”

2003 Crain’s Cleveland Business
July 28 – August 3, 2003, Pg.16
“Landscape Plans Pay More Attention to Ecology”

2003 The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Thursday, April 24, 2003
“For Now at Least, Highland Square’s Garden is An Annual”

2003 Sunset Midwestern Landscaping
Book Edited by Craig Bergmann
Pgs. 76 - 79
“French Formality With a Difference”

2002 The Beacon Journal
February 2, 2002, Pg. B2
“Guide to Midwest Gardening”

2002 West Side Leader
August 8, 2002, Pg. 13
“Revisiting Elegant Glenmoor Gardens”

2002 Perennial Plant Association Quarterly Journal
Summer 2002, Pg. 21

2001 The Growing Concern, Ohio Landscape Association (OLA) magazine

2001 Akron Beacon Journal

September 15, 2001, Pg. B1
“It’s a Garden of Dreams”

2001 West Side Leader
July 26, 2001, Pg. 16
“Landscape and Development Team Undaunted by Challenge of Hillside”

2001 West Side Leader
July 26, 2001, Pg. 17
“Highland Square Gardens are at their Peak of Perfection”

2000 The Canton Repository
November 28, 2000, Pg. F1
“Your House is only Half of Your Home”

1999 The Beacon Journal
December 4, 1999, Pg. C3
“Akron Landscape Design Firm Honored for Garden”

1998 The Beacon Journal
September 25, 1998, Pgs. F1 & F2
“Winterizing Fall Yardwork will Pay Dividends in the Spring”

1998 West Side Leader
October 8, 1998, Pg. 28
“Multi-level Water Gardens Soothe with Water Sounds”

1997 West Side Leader
June 5, 1997, Pg. 20
“Fine Garden Landscapes Drawn with Palette of Art, Motion and Change”

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